5 Strategies to Strengthen your PPM Process

Because project management requires both technical and communication skills, a Project Portfolio Management tool is essential. 72% of Chief Information Officers struggle with balancing operational excellence and business innovation. Project Management Offices are growing in popularity as project competiveness becomes more important in winning new business. PMOs work best when processes and PMM complement one […]

Microsoft’s purchase of GitHub: One year later

Microsoft announced last year that they had acquired Github, the most popular version control system for software development. There were many projections and opinions. Two perspectives were expressed at the top: either Microsoft was advancing open source or they were going after GitHub. We now have some perspective about how Microsoft did things and how […]

Microsoft Announces Role-Based Certifications in 2019

Microsoft announced a major change to its certifications in 2019. You could still browse Microsoft exams up to November 2019 and find exactly what your would expect: a list technology certifications and information about them. Microsoft’s release of role-based certifications changed the focus from product knowledge towards a skills-based approach that focuses on specific job […]

Microsoft Retired Your MCSA. Now what?

Microsoft announced in 2018 that it would be retiring a few MCSA certifications and replacing them by role-based certifications. Those certifications were likely to have caused shock or distress for those who were taking them. The change took place. Many exams were retired in 2019. The world went on. The old certification program was finally […]

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