2022 PMI ACP Certification Fee: All Aspects Of The PMI ACP Price

Are you planning to apply for PMI ACP certification? Are you curious to know the cost of PMI ACP certification? How do you budget for it? We need to know the cost components of PMI ACP certification in order to calculate the PMI ACP Cost.
You may have heard that PMI ACP, the credential most in demand in the industry, is now available.
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Did you know that PMI Institute claims it is their fastest-growing certification? It is why it is so highly sought-after. Let’s look at the benefits of PMI-ACP so we can compare the cost and the Return On Investment (ROI).
8 Benefits of PMI ACP
Let’s take you through some of the benefits that come with becoming a PMI-ACP. PMI ACP stands for Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI). PMI ACP, one of the Project Management Certificates, is a PMI-exclusive certificate that focuses on agile project management.
Rising Demand: Agile project management is a growing trend. You can get your credential from PMI
Recognition of Knowledge: Being a PMI ACP is a recognition that you have knowledge and expertise in agile practices.
Recognizement from colleagues: Clients, peers, and organizations acknowledge your ability to use agile practices.
You have a wider job scope as a PMI ACP.
There are many roles: As the industry embraces agile, this credential will only increase in demand. You can also compete for the roles of Scrum Master, Agile trainer, and Agile project manager. It is high time that you understand the cost of PMI ACP Certification so you can take the plunge.
A wide range of expertise: The PMI ACP certification stands out from other agile certifications because of the variety of methodologies it uses. PMI ACP was created to assess one’s ability in concepts and application, as required by the industry.
Successful Delivery: PMI ACP helps practitioners to be more knowledgeable and have a better understanding of agile project management in order to deliver successful projects.
Salary increase: If you are awarded a global certification, your salary will naturally go up. You can see the average salaries for different roles in the pay scale data: Scrum Master- $122554, Agile coach – $163339 and PMP Salary – $ 146930
A PMI ACP credential holder can expect a minimum 20% increase in salary than if they are not. Is this not a reason to consider the PMI ACP certification cost?

What is the cost of PMI ACP certification?
As we have seen, there are many benefits to becoming a PMI ACP credential holder. Let’s now discuss the cost of the PMI ACP certification. The PMI ACP cost includes both the exam and training costs for agile practices. This is a very high-level overview.

Online application
Let’s first discuss the application process for PMI ACP Exam. To begin filling out your PMI ACP application online, log in to the PMI website. You can access the PMI ACP certification request section online.
Here’s how to file an online application:

Start by providing your contact details. Next, you will need to provide education. These are the requirements for PMI ACP:

Educational Qualifications: A high school diploma/secondary/associate degree is required.
General project experience: You are eligible if you have at most 2000 hours of experience or more than one year.
Agile project experience: At least 1500 hours of agile methodology should have been spent on projects.
Training on Agile Methodology: Did your 21-hour training in agile practices be completed? This training must be completed before you sit for the exam. How do you get into this 21-hour training course on Agile practices? Any course you have taken.

2022 PMI ACP Certification Fee: All Aspects Of The PMI ACP Price
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