25 Must-Know Information Technology Statistics and Facts

According to statistics, 127 devices are connected to the internet each second. Here are some other important IT statistics and technology facts that you should know. Access to technology is the foundation of most of our personal and business lives. Technology drives much of our daily activities, including personal access to the internet, as well as business platforms and apps. There is always more to come. These are the most important statistics and technology facts that you should know.
Technology is growing at a rapid pace.
Technology is growing at a steady pace, making it one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.
The growth rate of the workforce is expected to double that of other industries. Some categories could grow at 4-5 times the current rate by 2030.
Projections indicate that the technology industry will reach $5.3 trillion by 2022.
Through 2024, the U.S. tech sector is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 5%.
Cloud computing is expected grow at a CAGR of 17.5% through 2025.

General Technology Statistics
Technology is no longer a siloed department. Here are some general statistics about technology.
Zippia reports the tech industry accounts for 35% of the global market.
90% of the data in the world was created between 2019 and the present.
More than 585,000 tech firms are located in the US.
The Big Four (Amazon.com, Apple.Google.com, and Facebook.) collectively make $4 trillion.
84% of businesses believe that cybersecurity and resilience will be a top priority in 2022.

Internet Statistics
The internet has changed the world. Internet users spend a lot of time browsing, buying, engaging, and communicating online.
More than 5.1 billion internet users are active, with Asia accounting for more than half of all internet traffic.
4.28 billion people access the internet via mobile internet.
Social media platforms have 4.2 billion users.
More than 90% of Americans have internet access. 77% report having broadband access at their homes.

Communications Statistics
Businesses need to communicate. However, with the internet’s widespread accessibility, companies can now rely less on their phones and more on digital forms.
Statista predicts that the VoIP market will reach $145 billion in 2024.
Android OS is expected be the dominant mobile VoIP platform by 2024.
90% of IT leaders plan to eliminate on-premise telephone systems by 2021.
The unified communications market is expected to grow at $48.3 trillion by 2023.

eCommerce Statistics
The pandemic has established eCommerce as a majorstay and it is clear that there was never any doubt about the future.
In 2023, global online sales will account for 22% of all retail sales.
By 2023, eCommerce sales will be $6.54 trillion worldwide.
Digital advertising spending grew 49% in the first half 2021.
48% of online shoppers shop directly on ecommerce platforms.
CompTIA research has shown that 71% of companies report increased use of online marketplaces.

Technology Growth Facts
Technology is a growing and integral part of our business landscape.
Technology is responsible for driving the US economy more than any other profession, except healthcare.
Tech jobs are on the rise and reached a new high in the fourth quarter of 2021.
Software is one of the top five categories in technology.
IT and Business Services
Emerging Tech

Mobile Technology Growth Statistics
Technology is everywhere, even when we use our mobile phones and tablets to communicate with it. Here are some statistics about mobile technology.
Statisa reports that nearly 15 billion mobile devices were in use in 2021. This number is expected to rise to 18.22 billion in 2025.
According to Zippia, the global smartphone industry is growing at a 16.4% CAGR.
Smartphone ownership in the US has increased by 50% over the past decade.
Statista reports that global tablet shipments will reach 142 million by 2025.
Global shipments of wearable technology are expected to reach 489.1 millions devices by 2023.

AI and Machine Learning Technology Growth Statistics
Machine learning and AI are poised for significant expansion and growth. Monster.com lists machine learning, deep learning, and NLP as the most in-demand skills.
Artificial Intelligence is expected contribute $15.7 trillion to GDP by 2030.
Global machine learning market to reach $152.24 billion by 2028, a 38.6% CAGR.
99Firms predicts machine learning will power 8.4 Billion voice assistants by 2024.
Genpact predicts AI-adopting firms will have ten times the efficiency and twice the market share by 2025 than those who don’t have AI.

25 Must-Know Information Technology Statistics and Facts
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