5 Things a PM should not say (and what to instead)

Project managers (PMs), come in many sizes and shapes. There is no single way to do everything. Project Management Certifications are available if you find yourself stuck in a rut. You should be a student of the craft, and willing to learn and adjust your course at any time. It is important to learn from your mistakes.
You can be sure that you will communicate often. Communication is a key component of project management positions. You are going to be dealing with employees,contractors, clients, and colleagues on an ongoing basis. It is important to be aware of common mistakes in conversation and how you can avoid them while still getting your message across.
1. “I want to float an idea,AP”
As a PM, you don’t need to be timid or modest. Don’t “float” an idea. You should take control of the room and announce your plans. You will present a well-thought out, sure-footed plan for the project. When pitching an idea, confidence is key. Although it’s possible to have back-and forth, don’t let this stop you from taking off.
Here are some suggestions:
“I have the risk/rewards scenario that I need to test a novel idea.”
“I’ve been thinking about a different direction we could go, and I’d love to hear your feedback.”
2 “That’s my job.
Although I don’t mean anything negative, project scope creep can be dangerous. It is important to set boundaries so that your project scope doesn’t grow too much. A child might say, “That’s not my job,” when it’s their turn. When expressing your opinions, it is important to use affirmatives
Here are some suggestions:
“I was wondering if it was possible to reorganize certain priorities?”
“I have the perfect person for this job. “Let me introduce you.
3. “I can’t talk right now.
Remember what I said about communication in the introduction? Communication is an essential part of your job as PM. It is not a good idea to not take the time to communicate. It can make it seem that you don’t listen to your clients or team. It is worth validating their ideas if they are willing to put in the effort.
Here are some suggestions:
“This seems really important. Can we set up a time for tomorrow to meet and give our full attention?
“I just need it done. Can I knock on your door in ten minutes? ”
4. “We have always done [tasks] in this way.”
“It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Project managers cannot afford to remain stuck in their ways. Project management is based on innovation. There are always new fires, and you will need new ways to deal with them. The old way may not always be the best. Fear of the unknown can make it difficult to try new things. However, it doesn’t make one great.
Here are some suggestions:
“We are always looking for new solutions to old issues.”
“There are no dumb questions. You are free to bring new perspectives to any position.
5. “I don’t like it.
Ouch. While constructive criticism is important and can make projects great, there’s still something to be said about the “sh*t sandwich.” approach. Negative criticism will not help you when you are addressing other people’s hard work and contributions. Most people are open to editing and revising.

5 Things a PM should not say (and what to instead)
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