7 Best Project Management Softwares for Agile Projects

Agile project management software is more competitive than ever with Agile on the rise. The three most common problems faced by Agile teams are addressed by the best software:
Agile Project Management Software
These features were in mind when I began to research the best Agile project management software. I narrowed the list down to these seven amazing options. They are listed alphabetically below.
1.Active Collab

Active Collab is an affordable and great solution for small businesses. It’s easy to use so project managers don’t have to worry about teaching their team how it works. It’s strong document management, email-based communication, priority and task control, budgeting and budgeting features make it attractive to project managers who need to manage multiple projects. You might be interested in software solutions that offer similar features. These ActiveCollab alternatives can be a good place for you to start.
Pros: The iOS app can bill the client directly through the app, time tracking and the ability to limit who sees what.
Cons: Gantt is not available in columns and timeline views.
Cost: Self-hosted at $499, $49/month for 15 team members.
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2.Agilo For Trac

Agilo For Trc is a great choice if you need a powerful communication tool for a project. Agilo For Trac automatically informs stakeholders about the project’s progress. It also provides tools to ensure that all team members are updated on the latest developments. Every change made by a user will be automatically shown to their colleagues by the “Incoming Activity” panel. Agilo also offers a “Sprint Report”, and burndown charts, which are useful for project managers who want to track their progress. Are you interested in similar features? These Agilo for Trac alternatives might be the right one for you.
Pros: Great communication system, responsive support team (24 hour response time), and very well-priced.
Cons: You cannot host more than one project. There is no mobile app. Some users have complained that the system can be difficult to use.
Cost: EUR10 per month for unlimited users, one project, one team or EUR20 for unlimited user, unlimited teams and 1 project.
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3.Atlassian Jira + Agile

Atlassian Jira + Agile is a trusted brand in Agile software. It delivers a powerful project management tool that fits most offices. This product can be used by teams as a cloud-based or self-hosted solution. Atlassian Jira + Agile supports Scrum and Kanban and integrates with JIRA and Confluence. Project managers can create customized workflows, visualize quality issues, and communicate with “HipChat” every day. The software also offers a “Release Hub” system that ensures your product is “complete” before it is sent to the customer. These Jira alternatives can be a great place for you to start comparing other options with similar features.
Pros: Strong backlog management, mobile app, and many add-ons that allow project managers to customize the software to meet their needs.
Cons: There are many features in Atlassian Jira+ Agile. It can be difficult to switch between apps.
Cost: $10/mo for 10 users. Prices can scale up depending on the number of users.
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4.Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Labs is a software development consultancy. Pivotal Tracker was created to help web and mobile developers. Pivotal Tracker supports multiple projects and burndown charts. It also supports messaging between users, project-based tasks and user stories. Pivotal Tracker is very easy to use, offers a great iOS app, and has a lot of feedback tools so that QA is always in the forefront of the project. Looking for software solutions?

7 Best Project Management Softwares for Agile Projects
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