8 Benefits of AWS

As more companies move to the cloud, there are many options for cloud-based platforms and services. Few options can meet as many business needs as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
AWS can help you move quicker, operate more securely, save significant costs, and all the while enjoying the speed and performance of the cloud.
We have compiled eight amazing benefits you can enjoy when you use AWS.
1. AWS is easy to set up and use
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Get started training If you have never used cloud services before, you don’t need to be intimidated. No matter what product category you are using, it is easy to get started.
Amazon provides tutorials and documentation for setting up a virtual server, storing files and deploying websites. AWS Management Console allows users to manage services intuitively and easily using a command line interface or APIs.
Jeremy Cioara’s AWS Core Real-World Functions course demonstrates how to quickly get started using AWS.
2. It is more cost-effective than other options
AWS is cost-effective, so most of the benefits listed here are related to that. For example, you’ll save money with AWS based on uptime and productivity-increasing benefits. AWS has lower entry costs. Small businesses and startups can reap the benefits of the cloud without needing to invest a lot upfront. AWS’s unique selling point is that you only pay for what you use and there are no long-term contracts.
3. AWS can scale up or down
You’ll have access to almost unlimited scaling because of the AWS infrastructure and pay-as you-go model. No, really. AWS is used by Netflix. If this is not enough, AWS adds more capacity each day.
Services and resources can be easily added or subtracted as your company grows and changes. Because you are using the service in combination with a large customer base, the overall cost to each business is lower than other models.
4. Everybody Gets the Highest Level of Security
Security doesn’t get compromised by moving to the cloud. This is a false assumption. The cloud is not completely safe. Don’t believe anyone who claims it is. You can only mitigate your risks. Amazon has done a lot of risk mitigation. AWS’s security model means that you don’t have to outsource every security decision. AWS offers the same high-quality security whether you are a single user, or a large company.
All data is kept in AWS data centers that comply with compliance and data residency requirements. To properly configure AWS for your company and clients, you will need to understand the basics of Amazon Web Services.
Jeremy Cioara also offers an AWS – Certified Solutions Architect course that includes four Nuggets devoted to AWS security.
5. You are always up
Although working in the cloud does not guarantee no downtime, you can expect minimal downtime and high performance from your cloud service. AWS was able to surpass Microsoft and Google in terms of cloud uptime in 2015. They also consistently deliver on their SLA guarantee for 99.95% uptime.
6. Flexible Services to Meet Diverse Needs
AWS offers flexibility and choice whether you are migrating from another cloud provider or simply reorganizing the IT infrastructure of your company. AWS will allow you to use the operating system, programming languages, and other services that are most appropriate for your environment. This flexibility will allow you to deploy faster and keep your agility over time. AWS’ flexibility and scalability are just a few of the many benefits that AWS offers.
In his latest AWS course, Essential Tools, Ben Finkel goes in great detail about each tool.
7. Business Productivity Benefits
Scalability, security, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness

8 Benefits of AWS
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