Are you having difficulty implementing PM software? You are not the only one.

GetApp’s survey of more than 1,000 decision-makers and managers as well as SME owners revealed that, despite the proven benefits of project management software for businesses, more then half of employees resisted their managers’ suggestions to implement PM software.
A staggering 55% of employees voted against the implementation project management software within their company.
25% of employees thought that PM software would be too laborious and not worth the effort.
14% didn’t see the value in it
11% didn’t want to have the task of learning how to use a new tool
5% found it difficult to use.

I wonder how many were project managers?
15% of business leaders said they weren’t interested in project management software. The main reason (31%), was that they didn’t know enough about it and how it could benefit their business. At 27%, budget issues were the second most common reason. At 22%, the lack of need was the third most common reason.
15% of business leaders said that they didn’t want to use PM software because they weren’t familiar with its capabilities and how it would benefit their business.
Next was ‘budget reasons’. Haven’t you heard that before? The next most common reason was ‘budget reasons’, followed by ‘we do not need it’. Hmm.
Due to the changes in working practices that occurred during 2020, 2021 and beyond, more companies have had the need to shift task management to online platforms. I would have thought companies would recognize the importance of having a way to track work and ensure projects get delivered efficiently.
According to the survey, 56% of companies surveyed had implemented new project management tools since the outbreak of the pandemic. This suggests that some firms are beginning to see the benefits – even though employees may be reluctant about the changes.
Sonia Navarrete (content analyst at GetApp), says that working remotely has created many barriers for employees in collaboration and communication between tasks. Project management software helps to solve these problems and allows for a more cohesive and coordinated team.
Team collaboration is possible with project management tools
More than half of the companies surveyed use project management software to organize their time and resources.
72% of those managers agreed that investing in project management tools would improve collaboration within their teams.
Surprise, surprise!
79% of managers said it helped them achieve their goals.
73% of respondents found the software very helpful or very helpful in supporting remote workers.
79% said they would pay up to PS50 per month for a user (so budget hesitancy goes away once they see the possibilities).

Sonia says that project management software is incremental in its ability to organize tasks and manage time.
The tools aren’t great.
36% of respondents stated that the PM tools they use do not meet their business requirements. This is a large number of people who have to use other tools to accomplish the tasks that the tool cannot do. They may need a different product or they might need to examine their internal processes to determine if they are doing things in the most efficient manner.
The survey is still interesting because it shows that we still have a lot to go to make sure project management software tools get the support and adoption they need to truly deliver business value.
Study Methodology: The GetApp Biometric Technology & Password Management UK Survey 2021 data was collected in January 2021 by 1,011 UK-based respondents aged 18-25, 26-34 and 35-49, 50-60, 64, 65 and above.
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Are you having difficulty implementing PM software? You are not the only one.
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