AWS Cloud Migration Services – Certification

AWS Cloud Migration Services
AWS Cloud Migration services can be used to address many common use cases, such as cloud migration.
Disaster recovery
Data center decommissioning, and
content distribution.
When migrating data from On Premises into AWS, it is important to consider the amount of data and the network speed.
Data security in transit
Existing application knowledge for recreationNOTE : This topic is primarily for Professional Exam Only
Application & Database Migration Services
AWS EC2 Virtual Machine Import/Export
Allows easy import of virtual machines images from an existing environment to EC2 instances, and export them back into on-premises environments
Allows you to leverage existing investments in virtual machines, designed to meet compliance requirements, configuration management, and IT security. You can bring those virtual machines into EC2 ready-to-use instances
Common uses include Migrate Existing Apps and Workloads to EC2, which allows you to keep software and settings that were configured in the existing VMs.
Amazon EC2: Copy Your VM Image Catalog
Create a Disaster Recovery Reserve for your VM imagesAWS server migration service (SMS).
It is an agentless service that makes it faster and easier to migrate thousands of workloads from on-premises to AWS.
It automates, schedules, and tracks incremental replications of live volumes, making it easier for large-scale server migrations to be coordinated.
Supports the migration of virtual machines from VMware, Windows Hyper-V, and Azure VM to AWS
Supports migrating Windows Server 2003-2008, 2012, 2016 and Windows 7, 8 and 10; Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL), SUSE/SLES and CentOS; Ubuntu, Oracle Linux. Fedora and Debian Linux OS
Each server volume is replicated and saved as an AMI. This AMI can then be used to launch an EC2 instance.
This is a significant improvement to EC2 VM Import/Export services
It is used to Re-hostAWS Database Migration Service, (DMS).
It allows you to quickly and securely migrate your databases to AWS.
The migration will not affect the source database. This minimizes downtime for applications that rely upon the database.
Supports homogeneous and heterogeneous data migrations, such as Oracle to Oracle.
Monitors for network and host failures and automatically provides a replacement host in the event of failures that cannot be repaired
Supports both one-time data transfer into RDS or EC2-based databases, as well as continuous data replication
Supports continuous replication of data with high availability. Consolidate databases into a petabyte scale data warehouse by streaming data from Amazon Redshift or Amazon S3
AWS Schema Conversion tool (SCT) is available for free. It converts Oracle PL/SQL or SQL Server T-SQL codes to the equivalent code in the Amazon Aurora / MySQL dialect SQL or the equivalent PL/pgSQL in PostgreSQLAWS Application Discovery Service.
Helps enterprise customers plan migration projects by collecting information about their data centers on-premises.
Collects and presents information about server specifications, performance data, details of running processes, and network connections
Data Transfer Services
connection uses IPSec to establish encrypted network connectivity from on-premises network to VPC over Internet.
Connections can be set up in minutes, are a good option for immediate needs, require low to moderate bandwidth requirements and can tolerate the inherent variability of Internet-based connectivity.
Still requires internet and must be configured using VGW or CGWAWS direct Connect
Provides a dedicated physical connection between your corporate network and AWS Direct Connect location. There is no data transfer over Internet.
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AWS Cloud Migration Services – Certification
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