AWS Releases its Smallest EC2 Instance Type

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), fulfilling its promise at the 2015 re-Invent conference to support small workloads, announced Tuesday the availability of the T2.nano, its newest burstable EC2 instance.
The T2.nano instance type is AWS’ most affordable, and costs half as much as its nearest-smaller counterpart, the T2.micro. The T2.nano can be ordered on-demand in the United States for as low as $0.0065 per hour for Linux or $0.0088 for Windows. Pre-paying for one full year of reserved instances is even cheaper — it costs just $0.0043 an hour for Linux and $0.0067 for Windows. You can find more pricing information here.
Each instance of T2.nano supports one virtual CPU, 1.5GiB memory, 32-bit or 64-bit systems, and both 32 and 64-bit versions. In a blog post, Jeff Barr, AWS spokesperson explained that the T2.nano was designed for workloads that require very low processing power.
Barr stated that he expects to see t2.nano being used to host low-traffic websites and run microservices, support development/test environments, and be used as cost-effective monitoring devices. These instances can also be used in training and educational settings.
Barr stated that the T2.nano is capable of scaling to support more traffic-heavy or complex workloads.
“Over time, you will be able to expand to make use other AWS services like S3, Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling, Amazon Relational Database Service, (RDS), or AWS CloudFormation. He said that you also have access to T2 instances of other sizes and the full range EC2 types.
The T2.nano service is available in all AWS regions of the United States and Ireland.
Brazil, Singapore, Tokyo, and Tokyo. According to AWS, the Frankfurt and Sydney regions will be available “soon.”

AWS Releases its Smallest EC2 Instance Type
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