Basic Project Report Template (PowerPoint)

This month’s giveaway features a very basic project report template. It’s in Microsoft PowerPoint. You simply circle the appropriate phrases about your project.
It can be used as a final slide in a presentation for people not close to your project. If you manage the exception, it may be all you need for small projects.
You can modify the colours to match your corporate branding, or add a logo. You can see how it works here. However, you can also change the text colour or highlight the right words using a yellow highlighter or draw around them freehand.
Here’s an example of how it looks in action. This is not a detailed status report that can be used to have in-depth discussions about the project’s progress. It is a summary of the most important measures and a quick hit.
To download the template, simply enter your email address in the box below. This template, like all my other free project management templates is yours to customize and use on your projects. Please don’t share it. Thanks!

Basic Project Report Template (PowerPoint)
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