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It was a great week!
Your # 1 Career Challenge
My Monday post received tons of comments, asking for feedback. Everybody who is interested in project management should read the comments thread. It’s almost like a book with all the questions and quality of the answers. I tried my best to answer all of them, as much time as I could during the week.
Case Study: Project Management Experience
Tuesday’s post was a highlight of a local group that uses volunteer project management skills to gain experience. This is a method that I still use to improve my ability to manage projects. You can influence people without having to be a project manager, but you can do it with a team of volunteers. It is easier to manage projects in a corporate job, I promise!
All about certifications for new project managers
Ryan asked some great questions, which prompted me to write this Wednesday post. We discussed the value of Six Sigma Green Belt and the CAPM certifications for new project managers. I shared my usual mantra about networking and targeting organizations as the best way to appeal to hiring managers, rather than focusing on advanced degrees or certifications.
Why am I a Project Manager?
This YouTube video was a blast to put together. You should expect more videos like it from me in the future. It’s a tribute both to old and new project managers and it shows why I find this job so rewarding. If you haven’t yet seen it, please do so and let me know your thoughts. I do a lot “how-to” videos. I enjoyed this one because it was my story and for inspiration.

Keep sharing, learning, and doing. ?Have a great weekend!

Challenges, Experiences, Certifications, Inspiration
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