CSU’s top IT security expert as of 2013

Erdal Ozkaya, a leading IT security expert, is featured in Computer World Australia
Erdal Ozkaya is a leading IT security expert. Erdal Ozkaya is now lecturing at Charles Sturt
Erdal Ozkaya is a world-renowned expert and educator on security in the Microsoft environment. He has now taken up a lecturer position at Charles Sturt University.
Ozkaya was the founder of CEO IT Training and a senior Microsoft instructor. Fast Lane Asia Pacific, one of Australia’s Microsoft Learning Partners, has now merged with Ozkaya. Ozkaya is now a speaker and technical lead at worldwide events. He is also a certified ethical hacker trainer and security consultant.
He specializes in Windows client operating systems and applications, including Exchange 2007/2010/2013, SharePoint 2007/2010, EC-Council security, and ISO 27001/27002/27005. Microsoft has repeatedly honored him for his achievements as a speaker and educator, as well as courseware author. He was the first Australian Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant. He is the only recipient of this award in Australia.
He was awarded “Best Technical Learning Guide” as well as “Best Speaker” at Microsoft Technical Education Seminars (TechEd), Australia. In 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, he was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award (Windows Expert-IT Pro). In 2011, and 2012, the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council), awarded him the Global Instructor of the year Award. This award recognizes instructors who have made a significant contribution to the information security community through leading EC-Council certification programs.
Ozkaya shared with WhaTech that he began his career in IT security when he was just a teenager. “I started my career in IT at the age of 15 and worked in small companies. I learned a lot about networking. I then decided to specialize in security as I saw many security flaws. Ozkaya continues to be involved in protecting organizations from cyber threats, as a ‘front-line’ in IT security. He is involved in the development and enforcement of regulatory requirements for organizations to protect their digital assets. Erdal Ozkaya is a CSU student.
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Erdal Ozkaya is one of the most respected experts and educators in security in the Microsoft environment.
Computer World Australia
Erdal Ozkaya, a leading IT security expert, is quoted

CSU’s top IT security expert as of 2013
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