Directors, Listen Up: Let Project Managers Plan

I don’t care about who you were having lunch with or their golf handicap. I want to be able plan my project with my team and then let you know when I can deliver. Directors may need to get things done quickly. We can work with the team, the stakeholders, and look for ways to reduce the scope, speed up the work, or to change the order of the tasks. We would like to be considered a trusted member of the management group. When we say it will take six week, it is because it will.
Project managers can think of creative ways to manage the pressures of tight delivery times. If it’s an emergency, magic can be used to pull something from the bag. It is not the best way to work.
This is the conversation I had recently with the KeyedIn Projects blog staff, and they turned it into a neat cartoon.

The entire article can be found on the KeyedIn Projects Blog.

Directors, Listen Up: Let Project Managers Plan
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