Five of the highest-paying networking jobs

The rapidly changing world of networking facilitates global communication and information exchange in almost every company. This is driving the demand for highly skilled networking technicians. Companies are competing to hire professionals with international recognition and demonstrated experience. Companies are looking for skilled workers who are up-to-date on the latest technology trends. Aspiring professionals want to advance their careers in the IT industry, it is essential to continue learning networking skills. There are many networking jobs that offer great career opportunities. However, not all of them are in high demand.
Before you spend your time learning more about networking, let’s look at five of the highest-payingnetworking jobs according to a Robert Half survey. These jobs can help you earn the highest salary in the US and around the world.
Network architect: Network Architect is the most highly paid networking job. The median salary ranges from $73,037 to $154,078, with a median of $115,028. The primary job responsibilities of network administrators are defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as designing, configuring, managing LANs, intranets, and WANs. They must have a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience.
Wireless network engineer: Another high-paying networking job is the wireless network engineer. The median income for Wireless network engineers is $81,951. Wireless network engineers are network professionals who have a deep understanding of wireless protocols, hardware, and WLAN architecture. This job requires expert knowledge in designing, implementing, troubleshooting, and maintaining wireless networks. According to Robert Half Technology, wireless network engineers must possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They also need to have a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of experience in the field.
Network security engineer: With the increasing use of networking, there is a growing concern about information security and network data. Network security professionals are in high demand. Their average annual salary is $110,078. Network security engineers must be knowledgeable in the basics of information security and have relevant experience and training. These security professionals are responsible for the provision, configuration, configuration, management, administration, and troubleshooting of the network security infrastructure. This includes both software and hardware. They should be able to perform risk assessments, penetration testing, as well as identify potential security breaches that could compromise the security infrastructure of an organization.
Network manager: According a survey, the median salary for a network manager is $84,741. Network managers are professionals who have the ability to manage people and technical skills. They manage corporate networks by effectively employing and training the network teams and managing them to implement cost-effective and sound strategies. Network managers need to have management skills, extensive networking experience, a bachelor’s degree and relevant professional certifications.
Network security administrator: Network security managers are in high demand. They can earn anywhere from $44,423 to $93,856, with a median salary of $64,040. Each network security administrator is responsible for various job responsibilities and the security duties. They work in teams. These administrators are responsible for the most important tasks related to security of the organization’s network, such as risk assessment, penetration testing and log monitoring, as well troubleshooting.
Network administrators and network engineers look similar in the field Information Technology (IT). Although the descriptions and responsibilities of both job roles may seem similar, there are significant differences. Both job roles are highly in demand in the US market, and will likely grow in the future due to the increasing need for network security. Learn the difference between Network administrator and Network engineer.
It is important to master the necessary networking techniques and best practices to have a successful career in networking.

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Five of the highest-paying networking jobs
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