How difficult is the ENSLD?

The Designing Cisco Networks exam (also known as Cisco CCNP ENSLD 300-420) is one of the concentration exams required for a CCNP Enterprise certificate. It is for network administrators with three to five years experience in advanced network design.
The ability to manage and set up the performance and security of a network is demonstrated by passing the exam. It is a test that proves the ability to design and implement the necessary equipment, software, connections, and software to create a network.
What is the ENSLD Exam?
The ENSLD exam covers a wide range of topics. You must first understand network design principles at an enterprise level. This includes wide-area networks (WANs), wireless LANs and software-defined WANs.
You will need to demonstrate that you are able to configure data path virtualization technology, configure protocols like Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol(EIGRP), and Open Shortest Path First(OSPF), diagnose network issues with common tools like trace route and syslog, configure device access control, wireless security, and automate tasks such as configuration, troubleshooting, and data collection.
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Start trainingSpecifically, the exam covers the following topics:
Advanced Address and Routing Solutions (25%)
Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks (25%)
WAN for Enterprise Networks (20%)
Network Services (20%)
Automation (10%)
Although the exam structure may change at Cisco’s discretion you can expect a 90-minute exam that includes 60 questions. These questions include multiple-choice and drag-and-drop as well as exhibit-based questions. Passing score is approximately 840.
The exam will include both easy and hard questions. Cisco has not created this exam to confuse you with lots of getcha questions. They want to make sure you have the skills necessary to succeed in the job. Read the questions carefully and ensure that you understand them. If you find some of the questions easy, it is likely that they are.
How to prepare for the ENSLD Exam
The best preparation for the ENSLD exam involves having at least three to five years’ experience in advanced network design. Experience is the best way to learn because it is invaluable. Real-world experience is all you need.
If you already have the experience, you might want to take the Implementing Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies exam (350-401 ENCOR). Many people who have passed the ENSLD exam with success have said that the ENCOR exam preparation was a crucial step towards passing the ENSLD test.
Studying for the ENSLD exam is the next step. There are many options. Cisco Press has a highly-respected study guide that covers all of the material in the exam in a detailed manner. It also contains a detailed study plan, practice tests, and quizzes.
You can further prepare by reading other practice exams and taking online versions. Some people have taken the actual exam to prepare for it.
Self-study is a better option than not studying at all for the exam, but it doesn’t prepare you to be successful. Learning by rote is not as effective as learning in a high-pressure exam environment. People who have taken and passed the ENSLD exam both have stated that they only had a basic understanding of the material. These people also stated that the book and other study material were not sufficient to enable them to pass.

How difficult is the ENSLD?
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