How to prepare for EC Council CHFI certification?

Need for Cyber Forensics.
In recent years, digital forensics has become an integral part the cybersecurity community. This field assists us in gathering, preserving, analysing, and reporting evidence against cybercriminals who are accused of violating the law. It is based on the principle that “Every contact leaves a trail” which can be followed by forensic experts to find evidence that could be used in the prosecution of these criminals. Forensics, which is a combination technology and law, is useful in investigating but also maintaining data integrity and conducting audits to protect the organization from future attacks.

Why choose CHFI?
The Computer Hacking Forensic Inspector (CHFI) certification is an endorsement by the EC Council that a person has all the skills necessary to be a skilled forensic investigator. This certification is ANSI-accredited and recognized around the globe. It covers all the most recent technologies and solutions in the forensic domain. Practical sessions that use forensic tools make up almost half of the course. This certification will give you the following skills:
To perform forensic analysis, you will need to use tools and techniques.
Recovery of deleted files and metadata.
To secure your organization, you can use threat intelligence.
Analyzing the evidence to determine How, When, And Where the intrusion occurred.
Procedure for documenting and implementing the investigations.
Knowledge of the regulatory compliance standards
CHFI Certification is difficult and requires a lot of knowledge in the field. CHFI training can help you to get this knowledge. There are two options for taking the certification exam.
Participate in a CHFI Certification Training Program offered by the EC council, com.
You can obtain CHFI Certification without CHFI training. This certification requires that you have at least two years of experience in information security.
Learning mode
It is important to choose the learning method that is most convenient and beneficial for you. For those with tight schedules, CHFI training can offer in-person coaching. Others can opt for online coaching.
No. of questions:150Exam duration:4hoursExam type:Multiple ChoiceExam prefix:312-49Latest Version:CHFIv9Multiple question banks are set by the EC council to maintain the integrity of the exam. Practical and theoretical knowledge are required for the exam. The difficulty level of each question bank will determine the passing score. Preparation Industry experts have written extensive study materials to help you prepare for the exam. To gain a thorough understanding of the concepts, you can refer to CHFI training materials from different sources or enroll in a CHFI Certification Program to get the guidance of professionals. Rereading the entire syllabus and practicing the hands on sessions will help you identify the areas that need improvement. Make sure you are familiar with the following six domains before you take the CHFI Certification exam.
DomainDescriptionNo.of questionsWeightageForensic ScienceBesides the objectives and key concepts in computer forensics this domain also elaborates on the type of web, email, and network attacks possible and explains the methodology involved in forensic investigation.2215%Regulations, Policies and EthicsIt focuses on the laws, acts, and ethics to be followed while testifying along with the issues faced during the investigation.1510%Digital EvidenceThis domain provides deep knowledge about different types of file systems and concepts like imaging and file carving, that are used to collect evidence from those systems.3020%Procedures and MethodologyThis domain includes the legal practices to be followed by a forensic expert during their investigation and

How to prepare for EC Council CHFI certification?
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