How to Remotely Manage Teams

Working remotely was once considered a luxury. But it is now a necessity. Many businesses have adopted a remote working model due to COVID-19. This is where communication relies heavily on online software and programs. Here are some tips for managing remote teams and keeping business as usual.
Schedule regular catch-up meetings
These catch-ups can be done over the phone, or online via webchat. This will keep you in touch and avoid isolation that can be very common with remote work. To ensure efficient use of your time, you should also bring an agenda to the meeting.
Top tip: Video communication is more effective that email communication, as 55% of communication comes through a person’s bodylanguage.
Use a project management tool
Now is the right time to implement project management software in your business. Asana and Trello are great tools that can help you keep your project on track.
Flexibility is key
It’s important to be flexible in this environment. Many people aren’t used to working remotely and it can take some time to get used to it. To maximize efficiency and productivity, employees may have the right to change their work hours.
Concentrate on the outcomes
It is impossible to keep track of everything your employees are working on. Instead, focus on the work that has been completed to adjust goals and expectations. Donald Hatter stated, “It’s all about accomplishments, not activity.”
Establish informal communication
Remote teams need to communicate and may require different communication channels depending on the situation. Although email is the most common form of communication, it may not be the fastest or most appropriate. Working from home removes the ability to communicate informally face to face. The best alternative is an instant messaging platform such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.
Keep your spirits high
As we have already mentioned, working from home can lead to isolation. Humans are social creatures and need to interact with others. The loss of face-to-face contact with others highlights the importance of maintaining team spirit. Simply asking employees “How are you?” can make them feel valued and appreciated. Employees feel more connected and involved when they receive a weekly newsletter from the company. This can help boost morale.
Keep them trained
If your business is quieter than usual, you can use this time to upskill your staff. Many courses can be completed online, including the PMP online course. This course is a great way to improve your project management skills and project competence. It can also be completed online.

How to Remotely Manage Teams
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