Kids Need NutriYummies

NutriYummies contains all necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential to child nutrition. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and tested and every phase of the NutriYummies production process is governed by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines.
And the best part? NutriYummies tastes great without the use of sugar. 
Yes, Intensive Nutrition uses D-Mannitol and pure blueberry fruit powder in NutriYummies instead of overly sweet sugars like fructose. D-Mannitol gives each tablet a pleasant mouth-feel and actually increases the absorption pattern of the vitamin, mineral and antioxidant complexes contained in the formula. D-Mannitol is not metabolized by the body and does not promote tooth decay.  Pure blueberry fruit powder makes NutriYummies not only appealing to children but it provides additional antioxidant benefits and naturally increases tablet shelf-life.
NutriYummies is the right choice for your family if you… Battle with your child during mealtimes  …or… Encourage good eating habits and provide well-rounded meals for your child or children but know that consistency is not 100% …or… Want a sugar-free and allergen-free chewable kids multivitamin
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Kids Need NutriYummies
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