Lagos Cybersecurity

Lagos Cybersecurity
Part of our “Cybersecurity For Financial Industry” roadshow, I was in Lagos Nigeria today. Below is the feedback 3
Erdal, thank you for today’s Cybersecurity workshop. It was a wonderful experience, under your guidance.
Idowu Rachael
Thank you Erdal, for today’s Cybersecurity Conversations
Good job Erdal & Microsoft Nigeria. We need to continue to empower customers and keep them safe and flexible at work.
Wale Olokodana
Interesting Cybersecurity Conversations Today ay Microsoft Nigeria Cybersecuirty Show
Edmond Idokoko
It was a pleasure to meet you Erdal today.
Yomi Yoinka
It was a pleasure to meet you, Dr. Erdal, today at the Microsoft Cybersecurity Workshop.

Erdal in Nigerian News :
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), of any organization, is responsible for their company’s security on Internet Dr Erdal Ozkaya has spoken at a tech security forum held in Lagos.
The Microsoft executive says that CEOs must give priority to cyber security due to the increasing number of cyber criminal attacks across the globe. Otherwise, they risk losing their fortunes in one fell swoop.
This was the highlight of Ozkaya’s presentation, “Building The Most Secure Enterprise”, at the Cybersecurity Summit 2016, which was jointly organized by Microsoft and the Information Security Society of Africa (ISSAN), held in Lagos.
The EFCC Cybercrime Head says that a Nigerian named Mike, who coordinated several high-profile attacks from different parts the world, and raked millions of dollars in the process, is a good example.
“Global cyber-attack tracking shows that Nigeria is one of the most affected countries for cyber attacks,” Ozkaya said. Ozkaya informs ISSAN Summit attendees that this situation poses a serious challenge to the nation’s resolve to seize the immense opportunities offered by the Internet, while managing the risks.
“Yes, I understand you are busy. I understand that you must take care of employees, shareholders, and process. Talk to someone to find a security advisor. As a security advisor, it’s not about selling products. Products aren’t good if you don’t think about actions. You need to understand how hackers work. You are busy, but you have a very important mission. Your mission is to grow your company. Ozkaya states that your mission is to safeguard the company.
According to him, cyberattacks have evolved into mischief and fraud, theft and damage, which are often sponsored by nations or terror groups or hacktivists.
“Windows 10 has a full mitigation that eliminates the need to use passwords. Windows Hello allows you to use your fingerprint or your iris scanner for unlocking your computer. He says that Windows 10 will prevent you from sharing confidential documents in error.
Abdul Chukkul, Head Cybercrime, Economic and Financial Crime Commission, (EFCC), the nation’s anti-graft agent, spoke at the event. He said that mobile Internet banking, phishing, and business email compromise are all common methods hackers use to defraud their targets.
Chukkul claims that some of these attacks are not even from Nigeria. This makes it necessary to work with others with l

Lagos Cybersecurity
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