New Training: Automate Amazon3 Object Storage with PowerShell

SPOTO trainer Trevor Sullivan demonstrates how to manage Amazon S3 object storage with the AWS Tools For PowerShell.
This is the new PowerShell training.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), offers software development kits (SDKs) for many programming languages, including PowerShell. PowerShell, an open-source and cross-platform automation tool, runs natively on Linux and MacOS. PowerShell is cross-platform thanks to the.NET Core framework.
PowerShell is an object-oriented Shell. This means you don’t have to spend time reading text output from different command line utilities. PowerShell allows you to prototype faster by returning objects that have properties and methods. This provides a natural interface for retrieving and manipulating data. You can specify which data you want to return and how you would like the data displayed in the terminal.
Here are some examples of how you might use AWS Tools for PowerShell for Amazon S3 storage management.
Rotate data backups, keeping only the most recent, and pruning older backups
Amazon S3 allows you to directly enter performance metrics data
To host images on a website, sync image files from local storage to an S3 bucket
Take out any S3 buckets that haven’t been used in a specified time.
To automate large-scale deployments, stage CloudFormation templates within an S3 Bucket

This training includes:
9 videos
1.5 hours of training

You can watch a video from the series here:

If you are interested in creating custom tools for Amazon S3 storage with PowerShell, then take a look at our training content on building terminal user interfaces using PowerShell! If you are new to AWS Tools for PowerShell, our video skill will show you how to set up your entire environment.
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New Training: Automate Amazon3 Object Storage with PowerShell
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