New Training: Automating Protocols and APIs for Cisco Enterprise Solutions

This intermediate training video, which consists of 30 videos, is taught by SPOTO trainers Knox Hutchinson and John McGovern. It covers the knowledge network administrators need in order to programmatically access Cisco data and manage enterprise automation. It also demonstrates how to increase productivity using Cisco APIs and protocols.
This Cisco network automation training is available.
Cisco’s automation protocols and APIs can help you take your network administration to the next level. They will allow you more flexibility in automating, increasing productivity, and reducing operating costs.
These are the five skills that make up this training:
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Start training Describe the characteristics of API styles
Understanding the challenges of using APIs
Learn Data Models and Explore
Automate Cisco IOSXE Devices using Netconf
Automate Cisco IOSXE Devices using RESTCONF

This series consists of five parts. It covers topics like:
Remote Procedure Calls (RPC).
Implementing a Backoff script
Static Routes
Synchronous vs. Asynchronous APIs
Ncclient: Configures to Change

This training includes:
2 hours of training
30 videos

You can watch a video from the series here:

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New Training: Automating Protocols and APIs for Cisco Enterprise Solutions
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