How difficult is the New CCNA?

Cisco made a big change last year and updated most of its certification programs, especially at the CCNA level. Instead of having individual certs tied to specific areas such as security or the cloud, there’s now a CCNA certification that can rule them all. We are now able to evaluate the new CCNA, even though […]

How difficult is the AZ-900?

Microsoft’s Azure Fundamentals certification can be used by both IT and non-technical professionals to validate their foundational understanding and knowledge about cloud services, especially those offered by Microsoft Azure. A little training in Microsoft Azure basics can be a benefit to both the IT and business crowds. Cloud computing is rapidly gaining ground in enterprise […]

How does Cisco ACI compare to Cisco DNA?

Cisco’s 2017 Cisco Data Network Architecture (DNA), a product line that transforms the data center from software defined to intent-based networking, was introduced by the company. Cisco’s CEO proclaimed the new line as the way forward for large-scale environments. However, don’t get too excited. Certifications are a good indicator of the technology’s traction. Cisco updated […]

How do your online security habits stack up?

Gallup Polls have shown that Americans are more afraid of being hacked then of being killed. This is a good thing. Learn how to become a security expert with SPOTO’s Cybersecurity Training Start training. More people are being hacked online than ever before, and the list has included internet giants like LinkedIn, Yahoo and Tumblr. […]

How do you pronounce SQL?

Over the past two decades, tech communities have engaged in heated debates over the pronunciation of certain terms. This is especially true for acronyms like GIF. Some believe it should be pronounced “jif” despite the fact technologists seem to have adopted the hard-“g”. Another acronym that is frequently a source of argument is SQL, which […]

How do the Microsoft Azure 70-533, 70-533 and 70-535 Relationships Work?

Are you wondering if it is time to showcase your distributed computing skills and earn cloud certifications? Many job descriptions now include cloud computing expertise. The number of cloud certifications and exams has increased dramatically over the past few years. Microsoft currently offers five Azure-specific exams, with many more on the horizon. We can reduce […]

How difficult is the ENSLD?

The Designing Cisco Networks exam (also known as Cisco CCNP ENSLD 300-420) is one of the concentration exams required for a CCNP Enterprise certificate. It is for network administrators with three to five years experience in advanced network design. The ability to manage and set up the performance and security of a network is demonstrated […]

How difficult is the CCNP Collab

John Donne famously stated that “no man can be an island”. This is true in today’s world of intent-based network technology. To scale their network infrastructure, organizations use collaborative teams. However, this requires professionals who have a broad range of skills to make it possible. These skills can be demonstrated by a Cisco CCNP Collaboration […]

What Citrix has done with VMware

Although VMware remains the market leader in virtualization, its position is shrinking. The virtualization industry titan still holds the largest market share, with reports showing 91% market share. However, investors are waiting for the news of a reverse merger with Dell. Microsoft is the main competitor in the virtualization market. Microsoft took a lot of […]

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