Public service projects are facing more problems

I’m glad that I’m not the project manger who has to figure out the US Transport Security project. Can you picture it? Imagine all the different US Government agencies pitching their ideas.
One of my case studies was about the difficulties that two US Government departments faced in trying to agree on how to handle war veteran’s medical records. This is a cause bureaucrats can feel patriotic about and try to do the best possible for the person seeking treatment.
This project is to ensure security for people who work in transport. It is important, but it will be difficult to get all the stakeholders to agree on anything.
Transportation Security: DHS Strives to Eliminate Redundant Background Investigations
Full report:

Both files can be opened as.pdfs from the US Government Accountability Office. Now, I can get my teeth into a job at the GAO!

Public service projects are facing more problems
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