Revealed: The top 43 AWS products & services

AWS’s extensive product catalog will show you a vast array of flexible and cost-effective services.
Any of these products can help businesses get started in the cloud quickly and easily. But how many of these products do AWS professionals actually use at any one time? What are the top-rated products? And what do the experts have to say?
We are about to find out thanks to our first independent salary survey. Here’s a closer look of the 43 most popular AWS Products as voted by our respondents. We’ll be discussing the top twenty in detail.
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1. Amazon EC2 — 89.21%Amazon EC2 offers users cloud infrastructure and on-demand compute resources that are scalable, flexible, and scalable. AWS announced a new feature for Amazon EC2 on 21 November 2018, just days before the re:Invent conference. It is called predictive scaling. This eagerly awaited feature can easily be added to existing scaling configurations by using a checkbox. It uses custom parameters to predict the length and duration of an SQS queue.
After selecting a virtual machine, users can select the operating system (OS), which is required to deploy an Amazon Machine Image. Customers can choose from a pre-configured AMI or install their own operating systems. Or they can purchase a new one through AWS Marketplace. EC2 allows users to create and deploy apps in AWS cloud. The virtual environment can be scaled up or down as needed.
Top 3 Certifications by Amazon EC2 professionals
* AWS Certified Cloud Solutions Architect Associate (50%)
* AWS Certified Developer (Associate) [26.24%]
* AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate [22.28%]
Your opinionsAccording to the Jefferson Frank Salary Survey the overwhelming majority of comments about EC2 were positive. They praised the product’s high levels of scalability and speedy spin-up times as well as its cost-saving capabilities. Spot instances can save significant money, but managing costs can be difficult due to the complexity of EC2 pricing models.
“The main benefits are load balancing, autoscaling and load balancing.” AWS Professional USA (Financial Services).
“Instance size upgrade required shutdown.” Amazon Employee, USA
“Infrastructure is not better than someone else running my data centre.” AWS Professional, USA
“Easy, fast, but can be costly for certain types of work.” AWS Professional, Sweden (Consultancy).
“The main benefit is elasticity and ease of provisioning. The main drawback is the inflexibility in their cross-region/zone networking.” AWS Professional USA (Consultancy).
“It’s not quite as granular than ECD/EKS.” AWS Professional USA

2. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling — 71.84%Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling allows users to maintain availability across their apps and can automatically add/remove instances based upon the customer’s needs. This product’s fleet management capabilities allow users to maintain system health and availability more effectively. EC2 Auto Scaling’s dynamic and predictive scaling capabilities make it easier to add or remove instances and are more responsive to changes in demand.

Your opinionsEC2 Auto Scaling’s main benefit is its ability to improve fault tolerance, and ensure high levels availability. This sentiment was echoed by the respondents to our survey.
“Never worry about manually scripting health checks.” AWS Professional USA (Education).
“We can scale up/down depending on the need very quickly.” AWS Professional USA
“No downtime, high availability.” AWS Professional USA
3. Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), 71.05%Amazon EBS offers cust

Revealed: The top 43 AWS products & services
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