The Unique features OfNutriYummies Multivitamins

NutriYummies Multivitamin is unique because it is truly the first children's multivitamin to combine comprehensive, non-allergenic, nutritional coverage with great taste.
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NutriYummies Ingredient List Hall of FameIn NutriYummies we paid particular attention to the selection and amount of the following vitamins. They play a crucial role in children's physical and mental development.
Vitamin D: NutriYummies contains all naturally sourced Vitamin D analogues. Vitamin D supports healthy bone growth.While Vitamin D is sourced naturally from the sun, health trends suggest that children are getting less sun exposure than in prior generations thus compromising Vitamin D production.

Calcium, Magnesium and Boron: These minerals support bone growth as well. In NutriYummies, the Calcium and Magnesium are incorporated as salts of Vitamin C, thus improving their absorption and limiting stomach irritation. Boron in NutriYummies is combined with citrates to also further absorption.

B Vitamin Complex Vitamins: NutriYummies is a Super B-complex formula. It contains all B-Vitamins which are important cofactors that contribute to the building of muscle tendons, brain proteins and proteins throughout the body. The B-Vitamin ratios present in NutriYummies are based on their respective "gate values" i.e. the speed of their metabolization and elimination throughout the body.

Vitamin B-12: Specifically added as acyclodextrin complex which protects the vitamin from gastric acid degradation.

Vitamin E: Present as a succinate-ester, this fat soluble vitamin enhances the biovailability of all other vitamins present in addition to providing antioxidant activity.

Trace Minerals: NutriYummies provides the complete spectrum of trace minerals made available by the inclusion of its propriety formula,SeaSEL. Derived from Pacific Kelp, SeaSEL contains the trace minerals Chromium, Selenium, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Silicon, etc., in addition to Iodine. Iodine is an important growth factor for children.

And there's moregreat things aboutNutriYummies!NutriYummies provides parents and caregivers additional confidence that they are providing the best multivitamin for their little ones. NutriYummies mulvitamin is..
Chewable: NutriYummies comes in easy-to-chew round tablets. They are made in a safe, easy to grab size.

Sugar-Free: NutriYummies contains Blueberry fruit powder and D-Mannitol. Blueberry fruit provides a yummy flavor and antioxidant activity. D-Mannitol does not raise blood sugar levels, does not promote tooth decay and actually increases the absorption pattern of vitamins included in NutriYummies.

Free of artificial flavors, additives, colors or binders

Non-Allergenic: NutriYummies is free of the main food allergens. It contains absolutely NO milk, casein, egg, wheat, gluten, soy or nut (peanut or other nut)

Tasty!NutriYummies is a great-tasting children's multivitamin that does not pretend to be anything else (i.e. candy).

The Unique features OfNutriYummies Multivitamins
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