Three Creative and Effective Ways To Engage B2B Leads

If you are looking to scale your business, shifting your mindset from demand generation to lead generation can make a big difference. These three demand generation strategies will help you stand out from the crowd and make your business standout. Marketing is a difficult area for most people. You can’t rely on lead generation alone to drive sustainable and scalable lead growth. Instead, think about demand generation.
Demand generation is about generating interest and taking action throughout the entire buyer and customer journey. Lead generation is about getting someone to have a positive first interaction with the sales staff.
Demand gen is the best option for long-term, repeatable results.
This is where I see many businesses failing. How can you nurture prospects and keep the conversation going after initial contact?
These days, there is so much information coming at you from all directions, and it is overwhelming. You must find ways to stand out from the crowd and generate demand. This can seem daunting but it can be very rewarding and fun. It’s time for you to be creative.
Here are three strategies that I have had success with, which you might like to give a try.
1. Personalize video messages to increase stickiness
Video is still the most popular way to consume information. The number one way people prefer to consume information is through video. Why not make it more frequent in your marketing efforts?
A proven method to improve results is to allow sales reps to send personalized video messages via email to prospects. Videos create an emotional connection and a personal connection. Videos are a great way to make an immediate impact and get a 2X increase in response rates. It is also very easy to do and doesn’t require expensive audio equipment or fancy cameras.
Personalized videos do not necessarily mean recording a video with the prospect’s first and last names in the “hello” section. Instead, take what you know about the prospect to show them that you are willing to work with them. Videos should not exceed one minute. Here’s an example:
“Hi Connor, I hope everything is going well at XYZ. It’s been awhile since we last spoke so I wanted to say hello. It appears that the Rangers will win the Stanley Cup. You guys must be mad up in NY! Can we arrange a time for re-connecting after the playoffs are over? Hurricane season is fast approaching. Here are some tips to ensure your data is safe and accessible in the event of a natural catastrophe. Find a time that works best for you by using the Calendly link. GOOOO RANGERS!
There are many platforms that allow customers to video chat with each other. They are also not very expensive. Don’t be shy about putting your face in front your prospects. It works! Video applications such as can help you get creative and take your video messaging to the next step.
2. To drive more traffic, tease your content
Content is an important part of demand generation (ever heard the phrase “content king “?).”? It’s easy to send out educational materials that are easily digestible to prospects.
Many companies use forms to collect prospect information. The form submissions are then made available for download. This is a good practice. Here’s a tip to increase conversions. Next time you promote a blog with a checklist that includes your “Top Five Tips about XYZ”, let the prospect see the first three tips, and then blur the last two tips in your email. To get all the tips, people must click through to your entire blog post.
This is why you should try it. It’s a growth loop tactic. You are driving traffic to your website.
People don’t like to leave things out. They will click through to see all of your tips. They might click through to other pages on your site or contact you for more information.
Even if they don’t convert, you have everyone pixeled so that you can later target them with a retargeting campaign.
You’ve now sent one email and given yourself two more chances to convert the prospect.
3. Give them something they’ll remember
If your prospect outreach is not successful, it could be because your sales activities are too similar.
When done correctly, gifting small gifts can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. It can increase your response rates and help book more appointments. Gifting intelligently can help you stand out and reach prospects faster.
There are a few

Three Creative and Effective Ways To Engage B2B Leads
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