Webinar: Managing All The Things

This webinar is for PMI Phoenix Chapter. I discuss how to reframe work and keep your To Do List on track with creative strategies for managing everything.
Project managers are busier than ever. To avoid overwhelm and increase productivity, we need to have smart strategies for managing our workloads and new ways of thinking about the work that we do.
This webinar will discuss practical strategies that can help you manage all the items on your To Do List.
You will learn how to reframe work as a personal portfolio, time management strategies and how to use 80/20 Pareto Principle. This will allow you to focus on the things that are driving your personal and professional success.
I will also share tried-and-true techniques for engaging virtual teams while being based apart.
This presentation is not tool-agnostic. We won’t be discussing the efficient use of virtual meetings tools or task management software.
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Webinar: Managing All The Things
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