Zoom Security

Professionals from all sectors are working from home to reach their business goals, despite the Coronovirus pandemic affecting nearly every country, city, and state in the world. Zoom, the video conferencing software has been a leader in helping businesses through this difficult time. Founded in San Jose, California, ‘Zoom’ has helped schools, entrepreneurs, and businesses […]

ACL Basics

Delana HallstedtIf my husband were to have a conversation about a “broken ACCL”, he would panic and start searching the Internet for evidence that Megatron was uninjured and that his anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL). This is especially true at this time of the year! Although I like the guy, fantasy football is not the type […]

About Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator

Part 1: The Exam Intro This is the first of a three-part series on Microsoft exam AZ103. This post will briefly cover the history of the exam, review its requirements, then discuss the exam’s structure. Background Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. An Azure administrator is an Information Technology specialist who manages the company’s Azure […]

Lab Exam

Certification Lab Exam It is important to familiarize yourself with the changes to Cisco’s expert-level certification if you plan to earn a CCIE soon. These changes could have an impact on your plans, so you will want to adjust accordingly. You must pass two exams to earn the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, which is valid from […]

How to prepare for the GDPR Certification Exam

The GDPR certification is for IT professionals who want validation of their knowledge of the General Data Protection Regulation. This course provides professionals with a structured learning path that will give them the specialized knowledge and skills they need to ensure GDPR compliance and fulfill the role of Data Protection Officer. The GDPR certification certifies […]

How to prepare for EC Council CHFI certification?

Need for Cyber Forensics. In recent years, digital forensics has become an integral part the cybersecurity community. This field assists us in gathering, preserving, analysing, and reporting evidence against cybercriminals who are accused of violating the law. It is based on the principle that “Every contact leaves a trail” which can be followed by forensic […]

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