How to prepare for CTIA

It is essential to show your competence in all areas of the competitive world. A certificate in a specific domain will make you the best candidate for the job. CTIA, or Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst, is one such certification. The CTIA certification includes all technical skills and aspects that are essential for professional threat intelligence […]

How to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ Sy0-601 Examination

CompTIA Security+ certification can be obtained by passing a single exam which includes multiple-choice as well as performance-based questions. Continue reading to find helpful advice that will assist you in passing your exam and obtaining CompTIA Security+ certification. Overview CompTIA security+ Sy0-601 focuses primarily on the fundamentals involved in performing IT security functions. It focuses […]

AWS Releases its Smallest EC2 Instance Type

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), fulfilling its promise at the 2015 re-Invent conference to support small workloads, announced Tuesday the availability of the T2.nano, its newest burstable EC2 instance. The T2.nano instance type is AWS’ most affordable, and costs half as much as its nearest-smaller counterpart, the T2.micro. The T2.nano can be ordered on-demand in […]

AWS Launches DeepLens AI Camera for U.S. Developers

The Amazon Web Services (AWS), DeepLens camera device with built-in machine learning capabilities is now available for sale. Each DeepLens device costs $249. According to Jeff Barr’s blog post, shipping is currently only available to U.S.-based customers. However, “additional destinations” are being considered. DeepLens was first announced at the AWS reInvent conference in November. It […]

AWS re-Invent 2020 Recap

This year’s reInvent conference was held in a virtual format for three weeks due to COVID-19 restrictions. It began on Nov. 30, and ended Friday. Despite the modified setting, Amazon Web Services (AWS), still announced a (characteristically large) number of product updates, milestones, and launches. Here are some highlights. This AWS portal contains a complete […]

AWS reInvent 2017 News Recap. Amazon.com’s CTO Werner Vogels presided over the closing keynote at this year’s Amazon Web Services reInvent conference. He revealed that AWS had released 3,951 products and features since 2012, when the annual mega-conference began. While the number of reInvent announcements this week is a small fraction of the total, they cover a wide range of technologies and categories. Here’s a summary of all the news from re:Invent 2017.

AWS SageMaker and DeepLens bring machine learning to ‘Everyday Devs’ AWS Tools Use AI to Pull Intelligence From Real-World Media AWS brings its digital assistant to work with Alexa for business Databases AWS Updates Aurora, DynamoDB, Unveils Neptune graph Database Development Sumerian: AWS Helps Developers Build VR and 3-D Apps AWS Launches Cloud-Based Video Processing […]

AWS ranks high in Cloud-Native study. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a leader in cloud-native, especially among serverless and Kubernetes programmers. According to a cloud-native study done by SlashData, who publishes a series of cloud-native computing reports under the auspices of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). According to the CNCF, cloud native is defined as: Cloud native technologies enable organizations to build and operate scalable applications in dynamic environments such public, private, hybrid, and hybrid clouds. This approach is illustrated by containers, service meshes and microservices, as well as immutable infrastructure and declarative APIs. These techniques allow loosely coupled systems to be resilient, manageable, observable, and flexible. They allow engineers to make high-impact, predictable changes quickly and easily with minimal effort when combined with robust automation. SlashData’s Q4 2019 report focuses on Kubernetes, container orchestration system, and the Kubernetes. The study includes the following findings:

AWS Lambda is still the most popular serverless solution, with 46 percent of serverless developers using this. AWS is used by 62 percent cloud-native developers as a cloud hosting provider. Amazon is the most popular cloud vendor among back-end engineers, both cloud-native (62%%) and non-cloud native (45%). Amazon is the most used vendor by cloud-native […]

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