Difference between Six Sigma Certification and PMP

In contrast to organizations with over 1,000 representatives, undertaking chiefs in organizations with less than 100 employees work in a unique way. There are a few points of common interest for undertaking supervisors in independent businesses. They aren’t weighed down by huge business administrations and can make decisions faster. They are also less likely to […]

Daniel Lowrie’s Journey To eJPT

Share this post:A few weeks ago I signed up for eLearnsecurity’s(eLS) Penetration Testing Student(PTP) course along with vouchers for the eLS Junior Penetration Tester(eJTP) certification exam. This was due to the overwhelmingly positive reactions I was seeing from the security community around the eLS certs. But is the training and certification experience that you get […]

CTF Walkthrough for MeAndMyGirlfriend-1

Share this post:Daniel Lowrie This episode of CTF Walkthrough features a straightforward boot-2-root challenge. This is a story as old as time. Boy meets girl (Bob & Alice). They fall in love. A girl is offered a job in a suspiciously corrupt corporation. Shady-corp brainwashes girl. Boy hires a hacker for access to shady-corps to […]

A Heart to Heart with Liz Co, a New A&P Author

Article Summary Liz shares her reflections on the challenges and areas of focus A&P professors need to focus on in order to move forward in their teaching. This includes critical thinking and diversity. Her textbook, which focuses on learning science and metacognition, enables students to become reflective learners. She stresses the importance of Diversity, Inclusion, […]

A Deeper Dive into Hot Assets

James H. Boyd, Contributing Author A Deeper Dive into Hot Assets Subchapter K is complicated because of one aspect of partnership taxation: the idea of ordinary income treatment. This means that the income earned must be preserved and given to the partner. This ordinary income preservation concept is applicable to the distribution of assets from […]

A closer look at CCNP Security 300–206 (SENSS Exam)

Cisco began the year by updating its security certifications, particularly CCNP Security, as well as launching the Cisco Cybersecurity Specialist certification. These changes are intended to improve Cisco’s security certifications and keep them current with security trends. They also validate the skills that employers seek in their employees. Today we will be taking a closer […]

9 Tips to Teach Online with WebAssign

86% of higher education institutions hadn’t yet announced their fall plans, while 68% of four year schools still planned for in-person classes. As many schools return to in-person learning, it is becoming more important to be able to offer a course online for specific classes or individual students. You can be prepared to present your […]

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